Monday, May 30, 2011

Morning After The Storm

I'll post some pictures of the storm this evening.
Enjoy your Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Everything's Better With Bacon On It

Marinated & Bacon Wrapped Grilled Asparagus

Happy Weekend

What a beautiful way to start a Saturday! I walked out our back door with my camera in hand and captured this:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fiddlehead Facebook Contest

For those of you new to here, I currently have a contest going on over at my Facebook Page and I would like to invite you to participate in an opportunity to win a *FREE* 8x10 Fine Art Print of your choosing from my Etsy shop. Here's what you've gotta do:

1. Shimmy (yes, shimmy) on over to my Facebook Page by clicking this link:!/pages/Fiddlehead-Photography/198912656818979 

2. 'Like' it

3. Scroll alllllll the way down to the bottom of the page where you'll find the 'official' contest post.

4. Leave a comment. (1 comment per person, please)

Easy as pie!!

Contest ends on Tuesday, May 31st at Midnight and the winner will be chosen via and announced on the page the following day (June 1st). 

There's still plenty of time to enter, so please stop on by and join in the fun!!

Thanks a million for your support and good luck:) 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another Thing...

I didn't feel right posting and there not being a photograph included, so here you go...

The Not Quite Intro, Intro

Hooray! At last I’m here and ready to post again! It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks getting the business running on Etsy and a page set up on Facebook, but everything is finally in order and I can now concentrate on keeping this machine running smoothly. 

I initially wanted to give a full out introduction here, but I’ve struggled with what all I wanted to say and how exactly I should say it and that’s why I kept putting it off. Instead, in the wise words of Nike, I’ve decided to ‘just do it’. So here goes…

For starters, I would like to once again welcome you to the official Fiddlehead Photography blog. The name is nothing special, there is no grand meaning behind choosing it, I was just pondering something nature relevant to call my new business and thought “Hey, fiddlehead, yeah, that sounds good with photography” and there the namesake was born. A funny little story that coincides with the name, however, wound up creating itself after the fact. 

I made a reference in a Facebook post about how there is no rhyme or reason to how I go about creating my fine art photos and that I just ‘fiddle’ with the camera and ‘fiddle’ with Photoshop until I end up with something I love. Being the smart alek I am, I added that I guess that would make me a fiddle-head (womp womp). A friend then asked me if that is what the name was in reference to, and therein my kitschy little story behind the namesake was born.

It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly, the fact that the name came first and a purposeful meaning came later. It’s right in line with my personality and how I tend to operate on a regular basis- completely bass ackwards!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A New Beginning

What better way to begin a photography blog than to post a few of my favorite photos I've worked on these past few days? I promise you a full and proper introduction to all the happenings here once my ducks are in a row and the dust begins to settle with this new little venture of mine. Until then, a preview...