Thursday, June 9, 2011

Expressing My Felines

I was sitting on our porch swing the other night with my camera and I got the brilliant idea to follow up the testosterone-fueled, motorcycle madness that was  'The Happening' post with one about...... kitties! What's even better? You get to have a hearty laugh at my awesome (3rd grade level) poetry skills. Hope you enjoy...


This little ditty begins with a cat. Kitty Kitty the Barn Kitty (how original is that?)

She's contemplative and cautious, as she rubs her head in bliss...

But if the dog jumps in the window, she'll arch her back and hiss.

One day she brought home kittens, for me this could mean trouble,

Just look at these faces of innocence, the trouble certainly could be double!

This is the kitty I want for my lap, those stripes and those eyes sealed the deal.


And this one's so playful, curious, and bold, and its markings that's it.... I was sold.

My Kitty Kitty the Barn Kitty, oh what have you done?

For ALL of your little kittens, my heart they have totally won.


  1. that was too cute for words! Awww!!!!

  2. Hahaha, Thanks:) They're adorable though, aren't they?