Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peony Collection

It's been almost a week since I'd posted last and I've been itching for days to get back on here and write something. It's funny how this blogging business can quickly become addicting. I think it's the idea that complete strangers might actually be interested, maybe even inspired by, my life and art. How exhilarating! (And how full of myself, ha!)


A week ago I photographed a bunch of the lovely Peonies that were in bloom at our house and was so delighted with how they turned out, I made them into a collection and posted them in my shop.

A week ago I also discovered a nifty little feature that I'm going to start using in this blog. When I was working on the kittens post, I discovered I was able to link the actual photos to a website. Meaning, if you click on the photo, a new page will pop up and direct you to wherever I want (muah ha ha!) So here's what I decided to do: any time you see a photo with my Fiddlehead Photography brand on it, you can click on it and instantly be taken to it's respective listing in my Etsy shop. That way, if you're perusing photos on here and see something you're interested in, you can check out the price and other details on it right away.

Sooo, to test all this out, here is the entire Peony Collection for your viewing pleasure. Click on a couple of them if you like, I could use some feedback as to whether or not it works correctly or if I screwed something up and you wind up at a listing different than the photo you clicked.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy!

Peony Collection