Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Happening

Friday I saw a post on my Facebook newsfeed that would change my plans for the weekend from chilling in my planter beds weeding, planting, and relaxing to a wild two day adventure as a photographer's assistant for The Hollywood Happening in Gowanda, NY.

Martina Mitchell of Mitchell Photo Studios posted that she was looking for a volunteer assistant to help her cover the event, which is a weekend long gathering of bikers complete with contests, shows, bands and street vendors. 

I immediately responded with an emphatic YES because for one, I get to spend the day hanging out with and helping out an awesome Facebook friend (whom I've never even met face to face before). Two, the prospect of spending 8 hours a day for two whole days without hearing 'mommy' 30 times a minute sounded like absolute heaven. Three, I have gone to The Hollywood Happening (FKA The Harley Happening) almost every year since I was a kid and it was always a blast. Fourth, I loved the idea of getting to assist a professional photographer who is as experienced and talented as Martina is. Oh, the things I could learn just by watching her work. Then Fifth and finally, hello... photographing Harleys!! What a refreshing change from flowers!!

You HAD to have seen that coming...

Saturday was crazy. Saturday we had a storm. Saturday I learned the true meaning behind 'holding down the fort'. Saturday can pretty much be summed up by this...


All was not lost though (no pun intended), in the afternoon it cleared up and we were able to get out and see the tattoo contest and do a mini model shoot. All in all, it turned out to be a real good time.

Sunday  was awesome!! Crystal clear blue skies, HUGE turnout, no wind. I had such a great time in fact, that I was inspired to create an HDR montage of my favorite shots of the day. Here's to 'The Happening'...


A lot of you have already seen this pic in a couple different places but I couldn't resist posting it again. This photo epitomizes the day. Me, a camera in my hand, and a huge, shiny hunk of metal in front of the lens. Not to mention totally explains I'm having trouble walking 2 days later. The hundreds of squats I performed throughout the day have taken their toll on my pitifully weak quads.






And you can't have an event for bikers without seeing something like this...

True Grit

Or this... 

Bad to the bone?
 Or this...



  1. this was awesome Danielle!!!

  2. Thank you!! I am so proud of how it all turned out:D